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tea coffee

Consumption of these hot beverages is at an all-time high due to the proliferation of coffee shops on the high street and the ever-expanding menus providing hundreds of variations of teas coffees.

Several studies argue for and against the health advantages of ingesting these hot beverages; nevertheless, the influence these beverages might have on tooth color is not generally emphasized.

In spite of this, we are aware that these beverages might cause teeth to lose their natural whiteness over time by exposing them to the compounds that give them their natural hues.

Tannin, an organic compound found in beverages such as tea coffee, can discolor your teeth over time. 

This is especially true for people who consume a lot of alcohol during the day, as the teeth will be repeatedly exposed to the chemical, which may linger in the mouth for some time after the drink has been consumed.

Regular brushing or even rinsing can help decrease tooth discoloration, but not everyone has the time to wash their teeth after each cup of tea coffee they consume.

tea coffee
Sparkling White Teeth

Restore some of the natural colour of the teeth Luton

Laser teeth whitening procedures Luton can restore a portion of the tooth’s original color and brighten them by several shades.

This method includes placing a substance to the teeth while covering the gums, and then subjecting the substance to a light or laser.

The primary benefit of this treatment over other teeth-whitening methods Luton is that it can yield a far greater improvement than other ways.

Also, the light or laser speeds up the treatment, making it speedier than alternatives.

Laser teeth whitening is always performed by a skilled expert and poses no threat to the health or integrity of the teeth.

Visit this page for information on aftercare for laser teeth whitening Luton.

Despite the fact that teeth whitening can generate effects that last for several years, it is advisable to make modifications to one’s lifestyle in order to increase the length of time teeth keep their new degree of whiteness.

The most apparent solution is to lower your caffeine consumption by consuming fewer teas and coffees or eliminating them from your diet entirely.

Instead, although it may not be feasible, sipping with a straw would cause the liquid to skip the teeth, so minimizing the danger of discoloration.

Brushing after tea coffee would also assist to keep the whiteness of the teeth for a longer amount of time, or failing that, washing the mouth can reduce the discoloration induced by the beverage.